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Another day, another dead wildlife ranger. Where is the outrage?

By Sean Willmore. The Guardian

As we sat by the campfire, Gervais, a ranger from the forests of Malawi, slowly pulled back his hair to expose a 20cm scar left by a machete attack that nearly killed him. Poachers, he told me.

I was at an international rangers’ conference, held 13 years ago in a national park on the southern tip of mainland Australia. Another ranger, Jobogo Mirindi from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), showed me a photo taken five years before. Arranged football team-style were 30 or so of his smiling colleagues. Six rangers’ heads were circled in red; those were the only ones still alive

.I was shocked. How could I not know such extreme violence was happening to my colleagues and friends around the world? As a ranger myself, I knew that protecting wildlife could be dangerous – but I had no idea just how deadly their situation was. This was a war.

Source: Another day, another dead wildlife ranger. Where is the outrage? | Sean Willmore | Environment | The Guardian

There has been a war going on against Nature from time before memory. Humans have just barely evolved.

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