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EcoWatch’s 10 Most Important Environmental Stories of 2016

Christmas has come and gone, New Year’s is right around the corner. That must mean it’s time for my annual roundup of the most important environmental stories of the past year.

Some of these topics got a ton of attention (cue: Donald Trump, Standing Rock) while others didn’t get half as much as they deserved (think the Kigali HFC deal and a proposed delisting of the Yellowstone grizzlies). No matter how much ink and airtime they earned, all of these stories revealed some larger trend about the state of the environment and environmental advocacy.

Without further ado, here’s my list of the big, the bad and the good from 2016.

Read it at the Source: 10 Most Important Environmental Stories of 2016

It’s good the execution of environmental activists was included – that’s a story that’s CONSTANTLY ignored everywhere.  Good excerpt:

According to a June 2016 report by Global Witness, murders of environmental activists are at a record high. At least 185 environmental activists were killed in 2015, a 60 percent jump from the previous year. “As demand for products like minerals, timber, and palm oil continues, governments, companies and criminal gangs are seizing land in defiance of the people who live on it,” Billy Kyte, a senior campaigner for Global Witness and author of the report, told The Guardian. “Communities that take a stand are increasingly finding themselves in the firing line of companies’ private security, state forces and a thriving market for contract killers.”

For American environmentalists, the chronic killings of activists in other nations pose a test of our solidarity and our commitment to our cause. Most of the time our advocacy is painless and risk-free. If that’s the case, maybe it’s time for us to raise the stakes.


Flint water crisis is included in top 10 but the urgency of water is still somewhat under estimated.

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