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Consumed – Official Theatrical Trailer – GMO Thriller (2015)

Is there any doubt that Clonestra = Monsanto?

Lots of the content for the movie is pulled from reality such as:

  • All the bullying aspects by Clonestra against farmers
  • The cross contamination of GMO with Non-GMO seeds
  • Foreign farmers rebelling against the sales of GMO seeds.
  • The corporate line of saving people with GMO when that is not proven and in fact seems to be doing more harm than good.
  • The fact that the corporations are self-regulating and there is minimal  human testing
  • There are no meaningful independent testing being doing in the USA, any such testing in other countries is discredited
  • The fact that doctors will never test for and know little about how much of illnesses are coming from GMO foods – contemplate the inexplicable rise of Gluten Intolerance for one example.
  • The paranoia that can come from trying to find healthy foods today when so much is full of GMO – high fructose corn syrup which is in most everything includes GMO corn.
  • How companies like Monsanto have patented life
  • Monsanto was one of nine contractors for the USA who created Agent Orange
  • GMOs do not require labeling and although most Organic definitions imply non-GMO they are not guaranteed to not be GMO.
  • It is impossible to link human ailments to GMOs particularly when so many powerful people (like Bill Gates) support them.
  • More food research grants come from corporations than the USDA
  • More than 90% of corn and soybeans are GMO in the USA today
  • Executives very seldom get the whole story. By the time information has climbed the corporate ranks it is cleansed over and over by managers and mid-level executives who have their own career agendas.

Connecting the dots between money – politics – corporations is exactly the purpose of this blog and should be the goal of all critical thinking human beings.

The movie has a great cast with Zoe Lister-Jones, Danny Glover, Victor Garber, Anthony Edwards and Beth Grant. It even has Gaga’s ex, Taylor Kinny.  The ratings are high on Netflix (note that Rotten Tomatoes has the wrong movie).  Be sure to watch through the credits for the real news stories.

The people who produce and participate in these movies are brave souls and we should support their efforts. This movie is currently on Netflix or you can buy and watch it on YouTube for $2.


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