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Earth Network News, 2016 Wrap-Up

The first environmental blog we provided was called Stop Killing Our World which was hosted on Tumblr and ran there for four years.  After thousands of posts and visitors and followers it was finally shut down because of trolls and due to contributor PTSD from the abundance of bad news reviewed daily.  If you’re an environmental activist you don’t have to be told how depressing it can be to keep up with the news and how permeating the sense of hopelessness can be for you on a daily basis.

Earth Network News has been an experiment with the purpose of building a community for environmental activists who want to share news, particularly original pieces, and share the pain with each other as a sort of support group.  On average one to two hours is spent per day  reviewing news sources and posting environmental news to this site.

In the last twelve months Earth has posted more than 2,200 news article sources for content warehousing and annotation. Content warehousing makes data available via search for critical thinkers to connect the dots between politics, capitalism, corporatism, and the assets of the natural world.  We have had more than 6,000 unique visitors who have, thankfully, viewed our content nearly 10,000 times. That means most come and  look at more than what originally captured their interests. It’s not a huge number but we value quality not quantity.   We have collected scores of WordPress and Twitter followers from around the Earth.  We do not have a presence on Facebook nor do we want one there.

On the eve of a new year I would like to thank all of you for your support and readership. There are no ads here, no requests for donations, just the pure interest to share information that may slip through the cracks of the busy daily life.  It is hoped with all sincerity that you’ll continue to visit this website, share information with us and others, and perhaps at some point participate in our experiment. 2017 and the years ahead are going to be more difficult than ever but together maybe we can shift consciousness on some topics and make some differences that matter – after all, if you are like me, you are compelled to do so whether you want to or not!

For some perspective I leave you with the eloquent words of Carl Sagan:

K Garcia, Content Curator, New York, 12/31/2016

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