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Climate Change: A Matter of Life or Death; Part 1 of 2

Prof Beckwith is very passionate about abrupt climate change and is doing all he can to bring the message to the masses.  He’s a little quirky, but aren’t we all, and I enjoy watching his videos but his statements about Geoengineering scare me a little bit.  This review is very helpful.

In all fairness – nothing is being done about Climate Change except some governments setting standards and long term plans to scale back emissions which is all happening much too slowly.  And talk is cheap, it is actions that are what is important.  Things like Costa Rica using renewables is important actions but unless the USA, China, and India make those same actions it absolutely will not be enough.  The governments of those countries, particularly the USA, have little interest in compromising “growth” to protect the Earth ecosystems so…

But if you want some really good news (kidding) check out James H Kunstler’s predictions for 2017 – maybe it will be total global collapse that is what saves Earth after all?  Probably not because the irrational responses will include war, probably nuclear war, which is one of the worst possible outcomes.


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