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Climate change escalating so fast it is ‘beyond point of no return’ | The Independent

Global warming is beyond the “point of no return”, according to the lead scientist behind a ground-breaking climate change study.The full impact of climate change has been underestimated because scientists haven’t taken into account a major source of carbon in the environment.

The report, by an exhaustive list of researchers and published in the Nature journal, assembled data from 49 field experiments over the last 20 years in North America, Europe and Asia.

It found that the majority of the Earth’s terrestrial store of carbon was in soil, and that as the atmosphere warms up, increasing amounts are emitted in what is a vicious cycle of “positive feedbacks”.

Source: Climate change escalating so fast it is ‘beyond point of no return’ | The Independent

Guy McPherson has been talking about the positive feedbacks for years. He and others such as Prof Tim Garrett. For those of us paying attention this is yet another concurrence.  Use the link above in the quotation section to access the report. Here is the conclusion paragraph from the report:

In conclusion, our global compilation of experimental data allows
us to see past the conflicting results from single-site studies and
capture larger patterns in the sensitivity of soil C to warming. The
warming-induced changes in soil C stocks reflect the net result
of changes in C fluxes into and from the soil, which can augment
modelling efforts to project Earth system dynamics into the future.
Ultimately, our analysis provides empirical support for the long-
held concern that rising temperatures stimulate the loss of soil C
to the atmosphere, driving a positive land C–climate feedback that
could accelerate planetary warming over the twenty-first century
Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are essential if we are to
avoid the most damaging effects of this feedback over the rest of the
According to an IPCC report: The financial markets are the only hope in the race to stop global warming

I disagree.  Humans could STOP what they’re doing and make the changes themselves and end the insanity of depending on governments or corporations or financial markets to make the changes.  We are the lemmings walking off the cliff.

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