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Move Buffalo Zoo Elephants to Bigger Habitat and Warmer Climate NOW! (Petition)

The Buffalo zoo was ranked 6th worst in North America for elephants

Jothi and Surapa, Elephants at the Buffalo zoo in western New York are kept in cramped conditions with a merely half acre of space to walk. Keep in mind this is when the elephants aren’t locked up in their 20×20 cage (that’s only 1800 sq ft) not nearly enough for 2 of the worlds largest land animals to share and move around in. An Asian elephant; like the 2 at the Buffalo zoo, would naturally span vast distances over many types of terrain to find food and water. Typically Asian elephants would move around 9-13 miles a day(that’s over 64 thousand feet!!). At the Buffalo zoo they are forced to walk back and forth between a 1/2 acre (that’s only 200 ft) the elephants are kept in there small cages after the zoo closes and stay there until they open the next day.

Being highly active, extremely intelligent animals, elephants require complex environments that encourage species-typical movements and behaviors. Landscape features such as slopes and gullies (buffalo zoo’s elephant enclosure is flat) and a variety of substrate types, including earth and pasture, are important, as well as dry, dust, and wet mud, wallows, pools, vistas for elephants to view their surroundings, rock features, rubbing surfaces, brush, trees, shady areas and quiet rest locations. Elephant environments should encourage not only mental activity, but exercise, including walking, running, turning, reaching, stretching, climbing, digging, pushing, pulling and lifting.

At the buffalo zoo, the elephants have 2 logs, And a large rubber tire on the ground. They do not even have grass. There isn’t elevation change, or any foliage to walk on. There is no stimulus for these highly intelligent creatures. The zoo is located in Delaware park and is surrounded by the constant flow of heavy traffic. These elephants are forced to breath in the toxic fumes all day, and to live with the sound pollution caused by the automobiles. Health problems arise in captive elephants that do not have adequate space to move.

I want to move these animals to a sanctuary that would accommodate to there needs and allow them to socialize the way nature intended. I am in contact with a sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN and the have agreed to permanitaly house the elephants under the conditions that buffalo give them up voulentairly. Buffalo zoo is refusing to speak with us, and are very adiment in saying the space they provide is “more then enough” .The sancatury boast 2700 acres of FREEDOM for these elephants. Why is Buffalo New York denying these animals an actul life. Lets get this peitition signed with 10,000! and show buffalo zoo how we feel. And lets not forget our past. this is the 3rd zoo in the untied states. It should be an example for zoos everywhere, but instead Buffalo zoo was rated 6th worst for elephants in all of North America


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