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New drilling technology will have geopolitical and economic impact and huge environmental impact

Back in 2015, I wrote about new drilling techniques and other technology that promised to bring oil and gas production costs significantly lower.Now, in the last few weeks, people in the business have told me these technologies are moving rapidly toward deployment. They foresee considerably lower drilling and production costs by the end of this year.I had a confidential briefing recently about some new energy production processes that are coming online in the oil patch. Let me just say that production from an oil well drilled with these new techniques is getting ready to increase substantially.

Source: New drilling technology will have geopolitical and economic impact – Business Insider

This from the guy who calls peak oil “nonsense” and “The Peak Oil proponents weren’t just wrong; they were exponentially wrong”.  These “new” technologies include fracking and shale technologies and big data…. i read through the referenced article twice and that’s all I found…  It’s a newsletter to his followers which only had one redeeming quality I found and that was the reference to James Howard Kunstler.

If this boom does occur it will mean utter devastation to the environment because we’ve already seen that be the case and the new administration will likely scale back regulations and increase the harm they’re already doing.  In case you’re not familiar with the destruction around your home go here to Homefacts, enter your zip code, then scroll down to Environmental Hazards and check it out.

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