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USA faces ‘abrupt and substantial’ crop losses

The lead author of the study is Bernhard Schauberger, from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany. He says: “We know from observations that high temperatures can harm crops, but now we have a much better understanding of the processes.”

The team compiled what they say was an unprecedentedly comprehensive set of computer simulations of US crop yields. The simulations were shown to reproduce the observed strong reduction in past crop yields induced by high temperatures.

Because it will be impossible to alleviate harvest losses in water-short regions through irrigation, the authors say that eventually the only way to keep the losses in check will be through limiting global warming – in other words, reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases caused by human use of fossil fuels.

The study explains that nowhere on Earth, not even a country as powerful as the US, can expect to ride out the climate storm that is brewing

Source: US faces ‘abrupt and substantial’ crop losses – Climate News Network

And we’re not even trying to address it, in fact – just the opposite.

On the bright side – greater than 90% of soy, corn, and wheat grown in the USA are GMO.  Perhaps this will drive more local solutions and better eating…?

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