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Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission faces potential demise

The decades-old Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission, which once functioned as a semi-independent watchdog over state environmental programs with diverse political voices, has fallen into limbo after a year under the Bevin administration.With no executive director and only four of seven board positions filled – two of those by people whose terms expired at the end of last year – even the commission’s chairman now questions whether it’s time for the General Assembly to get rid the ombudsman-like advisory body it created in 1972.”If there isn’t a commitment to it, is there really a need for it?” asked Steve Coleman, the commission’s chair. “Has the EQC been missed this past year? There doesn’t seem to be an outcry.”

Source: Ky. environmental body faces potential demise

Kentucky ranks number 1 in the USA for cancer.  The state is littered with environmental abuses from mountain top removal for coal in eastern Ky to strip mining in central KY (altho that’s migrated to mostly eastern regions now) to nuclear and industrial farming contamination in western KY.  The Ohio River, the most polluted in the USA runs through the state as does many other rivers and there is industry all along the Ohio and contributing rivers like the Tennessee River, all of them contaminated.  Industrial farming run off is also part of every stream and tributary.  In western KY, at the uranium enrichment plant, there are untold number of cylinders filled with waste sitting above ground in the middle of rural farmland and right on the river.  Here’s what that site looks like:


But… KY doesn’t need any regulations.

Brilliant stuff these politicians come up with supported by ignorant citizens who believe the propaganda and promises of well paying jobs.

Yet how happy are these miners and others with their jobs?

And certainly their families are not so happy when they die due to their unhealthy environments.

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