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Climate Hawks Vote is building political power for the climate movement, by electing political personnel! You Interested??

Climate Hawks Vote

Do you want to run for office? Or do you know someone who does? Would you like to learn more? Here’s an interesting opportunity for climate hawk activists like you.

Our friend Morgan Goodwin, recently elected the mayor of South Lake Tahoe, is hosting a webinar Thursday tomorrow, January 26, at 8:30 PM Eastern time, 5:30 PM Pacific time, on how climate activists can run for office – and win.

Sign up for tomorrow evening’s Beginners Guide to Running for Office Webinar!

Personnel is policy, to quote Elizabeth Warren. The mission of Climate Hawks Vote is to build political power for the climate movement, and one key way we do that is by electing political personnel who will represent us in changing policy. Changing the political system is slow, time-consuming work – but it is also highly rewarding work.

Morgan is a young climate activist who ran to protect the legendary snow of Lake Tahoe – and won. He’ll be joined by Heidi Harmon, who began her political career as an activist determined to stop oil trains from running through San Luis Obispo, CA – and is now the mayor. They’re part of a burgeoning cadre of local officials who believe that meaningful climate action will be at the local level. Do you want to cast the deciding vote in your city in favor of public transit and against suburban sprawl? Do you want to put solar panels on all new rooftops in the city, or deny a fracker’s permit to take water from your pristine stream? Local actions matter. Agitating local officials matters – but being a local official matters even more.

We’re only sending this invitation to our most active members — I hope you’ll take this special opportunity.

What: Beginners Guide to Running for Office Webinar

When: Thursday, January 26, 8:30 PM EST/5:30 PM PDT

Who: Elected climate hawk mayors Morgan Goodwin and Heidi Harmon and you

Your fellow climate hawk,

RL Miller

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