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Prediction: The People Are Going to Snap and It Will Not End Well

Qu’ils mangent de la brioche

Every day it seems like we are living in some kind of alternative reality or that the world is quite literally going mad.

In the USA people are not happy.  There are some who go on in ignorant bliss but we’ll get to them in a moment.

There are those who voted for DT but are now realizing they were fooled.  The first clue was collected by all those who joined in the #LockHerUp and #CrookedHillary rally cries.  

“No, it’s okay,” Trump said as the crowd jeered a reference to Clinton. “Forget it. That plays great before the election. Now, we don’t care, right?”  Source:

There were people who voted for him because they truly believed Hillary was intolerably corrupt so to them this was definitely the first slap in the face.  There have been many more since, like all those people who wanted DT to drain the swamp and get rid of the entrenched politicians and big financial players who were running things from Goldman Sachs and the like. Although he has shook up the political establishment there hasn’t really been any draining, has there?  And He hires Steven Mnuchin, who is Wall Street royalty!

So DT voters are one by one waking up to how they were played and before his term is over they will, no doubt, be personally, negatively affected in some way by his presidency.

Then there is the Hillary crowd. It’s been amazing to see the SJWs and far left liberals turn into an intolerant, angry mob which grows stronger each day as the numbing shock of their loss wears off and as they vow to #Resist which Hillary subtly supports as does her husband and daughter.  And Bernie is there in the background behind much of the resistance as well – now wanting to spur on his #Revolution but if Bernie had really and truly cared about what was going on he’d never have pitched in for Hillary. Regardless of whatever pressure came from Obama and the Clintons  it was nonetheless a huge betrayal to those who’d backed him from the start.

Then there is the confused and thoroughly washed Greens.  This tends to be more of a party dedicated to human rights rather than environmental rights and protections, sadly.  After all – Jill Stein threw her support behind DT and then after the election wasted what little was left of her political capital on recounts instead of arguing against the clearly broken two party political system.

These are the so-called political leaders of the former powerhouse (actually colonizing manipulative bully) of the world – The United States of America.  The number one “leader’, DT, says and does things that are just downright gobsmacking! Every day you want to laugh or cry at something he tweeted or stated or signed. Most everyone I talk to or overhear in public (because everyone talks about it all the time) state they are embarrassed.  Well just wait until the embarrassment turns into something much more harsh.

The cabinet that has been put into place by those running the USA and that includes the KOCH brothers and many others like them is going to create a much more cruel and devastated landscape.   It’s a good thing the Green party is worried about human rights because Americans are going to need them.  Freedoms of expression , already strained, are going to get much worse.  Look how our #1 leader reacts to criticism and what others say, think, and write.  The press is stupid, we’re next.  We’re going to need to be controlled even more than we are already – if CNN is fake news (definitely SPUN like all the rest) then so is everything else.  It is going to turn into an atmosphere of alternative facts from every individual!

As for our environment, our beloved blue dot, the planet that supports our lives and the lives of everything we hold dear – I fear it’s game over.  There isn’t a single treehugger type in leadership.  And even those who love the Earth and want to do good for it tend to drive toward more of the same – financial solutions.  Like Michael C Ruppert use to say, “Unless you change the way money works you change nothing.”  RIP    And nothing is going to change the way money works except an utter collapse, which is a possibility. So the “Treehugger Party” is in utter despair.

Have I missed anyone?  Oh yes, those who go on in ignorant bliss or who try to sooth the crowds with statements about how we should all just get along.  They too will become tired of that as the body blows just keep on coming.  You can not tell someone who’s lost access to clean drinking water – it’ll be okay.  Because it will not be okay.

So, is there anyone out there who actually believes their personal lives are going to see financial or cultural renaissance under this administration?   Well, maybe if you’re a multi-millionaire you may get some significant perks.  I guess people with large stock portfolios may see some gains as the corporate take over of the USA swells like never before but at what cost?  How can propping up the current power brokers benefit those they’ve already decimated? How much more environmental destruction can we weather?

People are going to get angry the more their chances, heath, and non-monetized assets melt away.  They’re going to get desperate.

I often think of the maple farm that the Holleran family lost due to imminent domain for the constitution pipeline.  (See here:  There are going to be many, many, many more situations like that in the years to come.  How much can you push people before they snap?

It’s a well established historical fact that when the poor and oppressed swell to unbelievable numbers they act as a mad mob and we already know that frightens the .01% and well they should be frightened.  It’s coming.  It may be Trump and his cabinet that ends up eating cake but we’re all going to suffer, many already are.


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