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The Threat to Science No One Talks About

I have dedicated my life to helping humanity make the transition through the death of industrial capitalism and into the new “living systems” inspired paradigm that will need to take its place. More than a decade ago, my focus was on reframing global warming so that more people could help avoid the worst-case scenarios for ecological collapse. Sadly I must report that this effort has completely and utterly failed.

As I have written elsewhere, the climate doomsday already happened. It is now 2017 — nearly thirty years since the first Congressional hearing on global warming in 1988 — and nothing has been done to halt the destruction of the Earth’s planetary stability. According to the Stockholm Resilience Institute, we have now passed at least four of the nine “planetary boundaries” that define a safe operating range for our global economy. Add to this things like the giant financial bubble on the verge of bursting and we are in serious trouble indeed.

In a word, we are now fully in collapse and it is very unlikely to be avoided. Actions that would have taken us down a different course were needed decades ago. Historians, if they exist in the future, will write about the tragic failures of leadership in this unique period in time.

Source: The Threat to Science No One Talks About – Medium

It’s always helpful during these horrible times to know you’re not alone in your thoughts and predictions.

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