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The U.S. is about to lose a trillion dollars in coastal property values

Both the Arctic and Antarctic keep smashing records for ice loss, providing more evidence we are headed for the worst-case scenario of sea level rise. At the same time, President Trump plans to block climate action while slashing funding for coastal adaptation and monitoring.Together, this is very bad news for U.S. coastlines, and the only question left for Americans is: When will coastal property values crash?

Source: The U.S. is about to lose a trillion dollars in coastal property values

It isn’t just coastal properties that are going to lose value or impact owners finances with loses.

Here are some other examples based on extreme weather which is a well understood (by people paying attention) consequence of abrupt climate change.

  • Homes that are surrounded by trees.  These trees are going to experience more ice and heavy snow storms for homes in those areas and in addition more strong gusting winds as those weather patterns change.
  • Farms where crops cannot adapt to weird weather – like early warming and then devastating freezes.
  • Homes with water sources dependent upon drilled wells as the water tables change and dry up both from climate change and unregulated industrial / corporate uses or sales.
  • Homes that are near waterways that will be impacted by sea level rise…  it won’t just be shore side homes that experience flooding as we’ve already seen.

Those are just a few examples. Feel free to leave more examples in the comments.


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