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Making America Polluted Again | Earthjustice

Among the latest in a string of Trump’s controversial executive orders is one that directs federal agencies to repeal two protections for every new protection they issue. This “one in, two out” rule might sound good on Twitter, but it’s illegal and just plain senseless. At Earthjustice, we’re calling it the “False Choices” executive order.

Trump’s order would effectively block government agencies from issuing new health, consumer or workplace safeguards unless they repeal existing ones. Scientists and public health experts at agencies like the EPA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Food and Drug Administration could be forced to choose among vital protections. Imagine asking a family to choose between experiencing cancer-causing soot pollution and allowing a pesticide into their food that harms children’s developing brains. Imagine ordering dedicated civil servants to trade protections for one community or group of American workers for safeguards to help another. This can’t be our future. The executive order also says that the net cost of implementing a new protection must be zeroed out by eliminating at least two other rules. Any public health benefits—and accompanying economic gains—do not figure into this cynical calculation. According to this line of thinking, fewer missed days of work, healthier kids and thousands of lives saved due to fewer heart attacks aren’t worth anything.

The idea that government safeguards cost jobs or hamstring the economy is simply not true.

Source: Making America Polluted Again | Earthjustice

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