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‘Earth is a planet in upheaval’: World Meteorological Organization issues dire climate warning

Humanity is “now in truly uncharted territory,” thanks to CO2-driven climate change, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned Tuesday.

The WMO’s annual “State of the Global Climate in 2016” paints a dire picture for humanity: record CO2 levels, record warming, record drop in both Arctic and Antarctic sea ice, and record high sea levels. Severe droughts “brought food insecurity to millions in southern and eastern Africa and Central America.”

NOAA reported this month that the record-smashing warming of 2016 continued into 2017. In this country, “there were 11,743 daily warm temperature records broken or tied” in February alone. Globally, it was the second hottest February and January-February on record after 2016.

Source: ‘Earth is a planet in upheaval’: World Meteorological Organization issues dire climate warning

This is the most dire news reposted here with regard to the source and the content. It wasn’t that long ago that the upheaval was within the meteorological society at large with many unconvinced about abrupt climate change but now, because they see it for themselves, there is little doubt. Only those who profit in some way (monetarily or as a power broker) are clinging hard to the denier line. Other denier types may include those who simply do not want to know, their head is in the sand as they bark nonsense about it not being true and also those religious types who are deluded in their own ways. Lastly is the truly nefarious persons who know it’s true but say it’s not because they’re convinced it’s game over already so let’s ride the wave to cataclysm.

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