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Trump Just Released His Plan to Gut Obama’s Climate Policies. It’s Worse Than You Thought. | Mother Jones

President Donald Trump will issue his long-promised executive order rolling back federal government efforts to fight climate change Tuesday.The wide-ranging order, which will be accompanied by other environmental directives, targets Obama-era policies across the government, including in the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Interior, and the Department of Defense. It directs the EPA to revisit the Clean Power Plan, which limits carbon pollution from power plants and was considered the center-piece of former President Barack Obama’s climate policy. Additionally, Trump is asking the Justice Department to stop defending the plan in court.The president will instruct agencies to rescind a moratorium on coal leasing on public lands; rewrite limits on methane emissions from the oil and gas industry; and ignore the EPA’s current calculation on the costs of carbon pollution. There are also broad directives reversing an Obama initiative requiring that federal departments consider climate mitigation strategy and the national security risks of global warming.

Source: Trump Just Released His Plan to Gut Obama’s Climate Policies. It’s Worse Than You Thought. | Mother Jones

The backward president of the USA in more ways than one.  He could have truly created education plans for training people to do new things – like the highly successful coal miner to coder program and he could have created loads of new jobs like FDR did for the betterment of the planet but instead he sucks up to his corporate buddies and political cronies like Mitch McConnell….

We can take matters into our own hands.  Go after your city, town, county, state politics and become the regulators by your actions.

The backward, EMBARRASSING, political leaders of the USA ….

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