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Usage of “Climate Change” and other Phrases in Fed Government Departments = Bullying, Fear and Self-Censorship

“We have definitively not received anything on banned words, not even orally,” the State official said. “But people are doing a lot of reading into tea leaves. People are taking their own initiatives to not use certain words based on hints from transition people. Everyone is encouraged to finding different ways of talking about things. There’s a sense that you’d better find a way to delink” from the previous administration’s talking points.

News of the DOE office’s word ban drew criticism from one green group.“What exactly is this office supposed to call itself now? The international C****** office? Ignoring the climate crisis will not make it go away, will not create jobs in the booming clean energy economy, and will not make our country great,” Liz Perera, climate policy director at Sierra Club, said in a statement.

Source: Energy Department climate office bans use of phrase ‘climate change’ – POLITICO

This self-censorship is clearly indicative of the fearful state of workers in federal government offices. The bullying from Trump’s team seems to be pervasive and relentless.

Back in February, Corey Robin wrote an interesting piece for New Republic titled: Beware of Self-Censorship which you can read here. It is part of a series on Fear: The History of a Political Idea.

Certainly the federal government agenda around abrupt climate change is about control and instilling fear into anyone wanting to stand up for science.

Some examples relating to #bullying #climatescience #selfcensorship:

Trump administration: EPA studies, data must undergo political review before release.  Jan 25, 2017 – AP

EPA Scientists’ Work May Face ‘Case by Case’ Review by Trump Team, officials say.  Jan 25, 2017 – Nathan Rott/NPR

Of course, this bullying and control is antithetic to free speech.

And there are plenty of articles out there about Trump and his team being bullies…

Energy Department rejects Trump’s request to name climate-change workers, who remain worried. Dec 13, 2016 – Joe Davidson

Donald Trump seen bullying Scotland golf course workers in resurfaced TV footage.

How to stop feeling bad about Trump and his climate bullies.  Dec 20, 2016 – Lisa Bennett.

What Rex Tillerson’s Exxon Mobil track record tells us. Jan 3, 2017 – Lee Wasserman (Excerpt: After nongovernmental organizations, including the one I work for, criticized Exxon’s decades of climate deception, the company used legal processes to bully us and repeatedly accused us of “conspiracy,” a criminal act.)

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