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Climate Hawk Political Training Opportunity

Climate hawks are teaming up to launch an exciting new People’s Climate Candidate Training program at the end of this month. The day after we march on Washington for the gigantic People’s Climate March, we’re sponsoring this training. Our hope is that we can help launch a wave of powerful grassroots campaigns for climate hawk candidates all over the country.

Those who attend the training will hear from elected officials who have won major climate victories, political strategists, and trainers from some of the top environmental and political organizations in the country. A live-streamed webinar will also be available for people who cannot attend the training in-person.

Climate Hawks Vote is leading a broad coalition of progressive and climate action groups to make this training happen. Now we just need you to participate!

First, we want to invite you to sign up to watch the livestream or attend in person.

Sunday, April 30 at 8:00 AM – 3 PM in Washington, D.C.

After you sign up, can you share this important training on Facebook so that more people can take part? Simply click on this link to share our Facebook event.

This training is just one of our essential steps to building grassroots political power for people who care about our climate. Empowering prospective political candidates and their allies will be a huge boon for our movement.

I hope you’ll join us on April 30 for this exciting event.

Your fellow climate hawk,

Jasmine Burney-Clark

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