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Team Trump Ponders Climate ‘Engineering’ – Consortiumnews

While President Trump floors the accelerator to speed up global warming through executive orders and appointments of notorious climate deniers to his administration, more and more scientists are pinning their hopes on “Plan B”: planetary-wide interventions to engineer ways to avoid global climate disruption. But critics warn that such a prescription, however alluring, may be as bad as the disease.

Now, to compound the irony, members of Trump’s inner circle are touting climate engineering as a cheap way to insure the planet against harm without any need to change lifestyles or curb the oil and coal industries. They resemble compulsive eaters who count on frequent liposuction rather than maintaining strict diets to keep their body fat in check and stay healthy.

Source: Team Trump Ponders Climate ‘Engineering’ – Consortiumnews

So they don’t believe in it but now they’re considering Geoengineering for it? When did it become acceptable to speak out of both sides of your face at the same time and effortlessly get away with it? Oh wait, this is the President who said he could shoot someone and still get elected. Also – he doesn’t just appoint notorious climate deniers to his administration, now he also has corporate loving Supreme Court justices on big business’s side! Just when you thought the corporate take over of the USA could get no worse – it does.

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