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Pesticide maker pushes Trump administration to scrap risk studies

Dow Chemical is pushing the Trump Administration to scrap the regulations and ignore the findings of federal scientists who point to a family of pesticides that are harmful to almost 1,800 critically threatened or endangered species.

Dow Chemical CEO, Andrew Liveris is a close advisor and good friend to President Trump, and the company wrote a $1 million check to help underwrite his inaugural festivities. Liveris is also the head of a White House manufacturing working group.

Additionally, DOW Chemical wields a great deal of political power, having spent over $13.6 million on lobbying in 2016, according to Business Insider.

Source: Pesticide maker pushes Trump administration to scrap risk studies

Another reason why they’re gutting EPA??

EcoWatch, March 21, 2017
EPA Sued for Approving Dow’s Deadly Pesticide Combo

Farmers, conservation groups and food and farm justice organizations stood up today to protest against the contamination of rural communities, our food supply and the environment by filing a federal lawsuit against the Trump administration.

The groups are suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under new administrator Scott Pruitt for approving Dow AgroScience’s Enlist Duo, a mixture of the weed-killing chemicals glyphosate and 2,4-D—both of which are known to be highly toxic. The novel combo pesticide is sprayed directly on corn, soybean and cotton plants that are genetically engineered by Dow specifically to survive exposure to the pesticide. The EPA approved the use of the pesticide in 34 states.


Deadly DOW…. let us never forget what DOW did to Dhopal…..

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