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NY Times’ new columnist: Global warming can’t be serious if activists have kids  #CancelNYTsubscription

Tragically, while the Times has been running a major ad campaign claiming there is no alternative to the truth, it just hired a columnist who doesn’t just deny widely accepted climate science, but who denies widely documented statistics and well-established facts — for no fact-based reason whatsoever and often based solely on illogical anecdotes.Nonetheless, the paper’s public editor slammed critics of the hire in a column offensively headlined, “Seeking more voices, even if some don’t want to hear them.”

So the Times is proud of hiring a voice who parrots the nonsense of the most well-funded disinformation campaign in human history — nonsense routinely debunked by its own news section. And the public editor, who is supposed to be responsive to readers’ views, is instead dismissive.

Climate scientist Michael Mann was especially outraged that the public editor dismissed critics of the Stephens hire as “left-leaning,” and mocked them for not following through on threats to cancel their subscriptions.

Source: NY Times’ new columnist: Global warming can’t be serious if activists have kids

All activists are to be judged by the contradictions in their lives. It’s just part of it. I have a passion for motorsports. I know, right?
But here’s the thing. Our culture doesn’t enable us to fully switch paradigms anyway. For example, I decided to give up buying anything in plastic for a year. Have you ever tried to do that? It is literally impossible. SO I may buy plastic but that doesn’t mean I’m not an environmental activist.
The real story here isn’t the nitwit columnist. It is the NY Times. That columnist lives in the USA and for the most part is still free to write and say what he wants. We have a choice not to listen. We have a choice not to buy. #CancelNYTsubscription

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