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In 100 Days, Trump Has Done Lasting Damage to the Planet | New Republic

Most analyses of President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office has focused on what he hasn’t accomplished. But when it comes to the environment, he’s been active indeed. He has signed at least eight anti-environmental executive actions. His Environmental Protection Agency has ordered delays and reviews of anti-pollution rules. And he has appointed a Supreme Court justice with an anti-environmental bent.

These actions aren’t just symbolic. With a few strokes of his pen, Trump has made decisions that could have environmentalists in court for the entirety of his presidency—and which may impact the environment for decades to come. Here are a few ways that Trump, in just 100 days, has already cemented a long-term environmental legacy.

See List at the Source: In 100 Days, Trump Has Done Lasting Damage to the Planet | New Republic

If you haven’t seen it, watch this:

It’s long running, I know, but it is worth it. Trump is a thread through the video and it will give you new insight to who he really is…
He is no friend to you and I and he certainly is no friend to Mother Earth. She is just another resource to plunder.

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