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Norway Says No to Deforestation

In contrary with what most of the countries do, Norway has decided to cross its arms with the practice of deforestation. This recent news gave a great relief to all the nature lovers! The Norwegian government has already announced their decision to stop buying products that are associated with tropical deforestation. This implies that the parliament will no longer accept government contracts to any company that contributes to this horrible forestry practice.

Amazingly, Norway has became the very first country to commit to a zero deforestration policy! From now on, all the products produced by the country have to meet stringent requirements.

To promote this eco-friendly action, Norwegians have already called on other nations like Germany and the UK to do the same. This brave step by the nation of Norway has paved the way towards preserving our planet. There is a high hope that many countries will follow their footprints and will courageously accept the responsibility of protecting the ‘Lungs of the Earth’.

Source: Norway Says No to Deforestation

So glad that Norway has taken this step but why has it taken so long?!

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