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Protests Feed What They Oppose – Joe Brewer – Medium

Literally millions of “person hours” have been put into resistance efforts in the last three months. None of this energy has gone into alternative business models, permaculture projects to heal ecosystems, or any of a myriad other things that the world actively and urgently needs right now.

In parallel with this, those in power within the current system have sped up the pace of rape and pillage. Each passing week there is more devastating legislation passed and more wealth transferred from public coffers to the bank accounts of the super rich. In a word, we are losing.

And so I invite you to ponder your memetic strategy.

Source: Protests Feed What They Oppose – Joe Brewer – Medium

People can only do what they can do but Joe makes an excellent point in this article. Where your focus goes is where your energy goes and where energy goes it tends to grow.

It is true that marches draw attention and make a statement but is it a strong enough statement we are making with our marches? As Joe states, it’s changing NOTHING so time to do something different.

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