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The NY Times promised to fact check their new climate denier columnist — they lied #CancelNYT

The very first column the New York Times published by extreme climate science denier Bret Stephens is riddled with errors, misstatements, unfair comparisons, straw men, and logical fallacies.Leading climatologist Dr. Michael Mann emailed ThinkProgress: “This column confirms my worst fear: That the NY Times management is now willingly abetting climate change denialism.”

Prof. Robert Brulle — whom the Times itself has called “an expert on environmental communications” — called the piece “climate misinformation.”

The column is so deeply flawed that New York Times reporters and news editors immediately started slamming it on Twitter. Even Andy Revkin, the former Times climate reporter and blogger whom Stephens quotes twice in his piece, slammed Stephens’ piece on twitter as featuring “straw men” and other flaws.

Source: The NY Times promised to fact check their new climate denier columnist — they lied

This on the heels of the White House Correspondence dinner where Carl Bernstein said:
‘Follow the Money – but also follow the lies,’ he said. ‘Our job is to put the best obtainable version of the truth out there. Period. Especially now.’

Free speech is essential so shouldn’t Bret Stephens, a Pulitzer prize winner, be allowed his say? Sure but when he does so from the pulpit of the NYT it takes on a greater meaning.  This is the NYT, it has been published daily since 1851.  It is ranked 18th in the world by circulation and within the industry is known as the national “newspaper of record”.   So when Mr Stephens shouts out his climate science denial – as his opinion – he does so with the stamp of approval from the New York Times.   Are they not to be held responsible when Mr. Stephens shouts out things which are contrary to the scientific record?  Will they soon also be hiring opinion writers who believe the Earth is flat?

Why would the New York Times do this? Is it for ratings, sales, advertisers, did they bend to pressure from someone else… it’s mind boggling and pathetically sad.  They say it is to increase readers and we know their circulation has fallen but at what cost do you sell your soul?

Cancel your New York Times subscription if you have one and you’re outraged. #CancelNYT

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