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Thoughts about Lionel Nation’s video: Why I’m A Climate Change Heretic – Michael William Lebron

Studies show conclusively that the trace gas CO2 found in the atmosphere cannot be shown to cause anything other than small changes in Earth’s surface temperature.

Until May 1st it was enjoyable to listen to Lionel Nation vlog as Michael William Lebron rants about various topics. I consider myself open minded and love to hear various sides of issues but this time, when he covered a topic that I have followed in-depth for more than a decade, he lost me. I listened, with an open mind, hoping he could convince me it’s not true because as always I’m wishing there would be something, some perfect argument that convinces me that abrupt climate change is not happening. This was not that argument.

Let’s parse his rant on climate change.

First he talks about how cultist and Malthusian anyone is toward people who dare question global warming. That it is a dogma, religion, a form of political propaganda to believe in climate change.
I wonder if he looked at the comments to this video because I propose the same exact argument is true about deniers. If you dare question someone who’s denying they will foam at the mouth and spout all the arguments that Lionel uses in this video and then plenty more. And pretty funny he thinks lots of the climate change believers are Malthusians, lol. I believe that the reason nothing is getting done about climate change is due to the entrenchment of the status quo and existing paradigm; so, no, the bulk of deniers are not Malthusians – what a load of rubbish.

He claims that scientists must believe or else they’re not going to get grants and that equates to tens of thousands of jobs.
I wonder why he didn’t do an assessment of the leading climate scientists and who supports their funding and then also look at the leading deniers and where they get their funding!
And oh by the way I myself do not totally support the IPCC or UN for reasons well noted in this blog.
And NO there is not LOTS of disagreement at the highest levels. He’s been reading materials from Heartland think tank again. As far back as 2005 there was a significant consensus on Climate change. There are many, many unsung but no doubt harassed scientists who actually study in the area, check out the list.

He claims that you don’t have to be a specialist to “discuss” global warming.
No, you don’t but at what point do you respect and value the people who are specialists and have made aspects of climate studies their life work? I mean, are we really going to believe Lionel over someone like Michael Mann, James Hansen, or Paul Beckwith? Why would we? It’s absurd. And we are not talking about DISCUSSING we are talking about denying and claiming it’s fake and completely untrue. Discussing suggests some sort of open mindedness.

He says he’s done “lots of research on this” but he doesn’t put out a single original thought or point from all this research he’s done… hmmmmm.

He states that there have been times when CO2 was much higher without industry… Geez Michael… you better do a little more research. Start here:

He says CO2 is who we are it is what makes up the world and then he says there is only .05 percent of it in the atmosphere – isn’t that something of a contradiction? Then he uses the argument: “Studies show conclusively that the trace gas CO2 found in the atmosphere cannot be shown to cause anything other than small changes in Earth’s surface temperature.” This is fully explained over and over again but why not start here with this article by Scientific American here.

Is this nonsense too –

And it’s all about control. Control of politics, control of the environment, control of your mind…
I would say this then, the people doing the controlling are seriously messed up because the environmental degradation is intense! Land bases, water source, deforestation, ocean pollution, etc etc etc are OUT OF CONTROL. If you’ve lived long enough you’ve seen this for yourself. I wonder what bubble he lives in….

As the featured image shows, confirmation bias is alive and well at Lionel’s Nation. And no one would dare post a “discussion” comment because they would be flamed by the deniers like they’d just claimed Jesus ate babies for breakfast.

Lionel only has 68K followers (which is way more than I have) but today he lost 1. And to be clear the reason I’m choosing to stop following him isn’t because he is a climate denier but because I feel he is lying when he says he’s done alot of research on this. His arguments do not reflect that unless his idea of “lots of research” is a couple of hours reading Heartland pubs. He comes up with nothing original, nothing that deviates from the standard points. Sad.

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2 Comments on Thoughts about Lionel Nation’s video: Why I’m A Climate Change Heretic – Michael William Lebron

  1. I keep trying to dig up how this guy is somehow being funded by Koch (that is Michael William Lebron). In my experience, most climate change “skeptics” are PAID to be skeptical and yeah, they don’t actually DO THE RESEARCH. Bet he’s never heard of Beckwith or Potholer54, bet he’s never considered the amount of work these two guys do to debunk the myths that guys like “Lionel” keep perpetuating.


    • I hear ya! It is so disappointing for me when someone I find mostly intelligent comes out as a denier and in my experience, 90% of the time when you dig in to find out why they haven’t done any research at all. It’s tragic. Heartbreaking. Week after week Beckwith blows the horn, sending out the alerts…

      For those who don’t know Potholer54 – here is a link to that YouTube channel:



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