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Venezuela Is Starving

Nine in 10 homes said they don’t make enough money to buy all their food, according to the poll of living conditions. Nearly a third of Venezuelans, 9.6 million people, eat two or fewer meals a day, up from 12.1% in 2015, the poll found; four of out five in the nation are now poor.

Source: World: Venezuela Is Starving – PressFrom – US</p


Sorry – first time I posted it was a link to the same article in the Wall Street Journal which you cannot access without subscribing.
Read this article and then ponder how much food you wasted this week. How much food do you think was wasted in the USA this week? It’s heartbreaking. Nearly 10 million people. They’ll turn to wildlife soon, I’m sure some already have. It’s horrific.

Another story

Venezuela use to be rich… ponder that. Ponder how fast it happened…

Doesn’t matter if you have a farm, it’ll just be plundered. If it happened to you and you were alone you wouldn’t stand a chance. You’d have to join up with some community or else die.

Definitely food for thought.

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