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Resolute, Multinational Logging Giant, Suing STAND – Your Help Needed is under attack.

Our decades of work to protect forests, wildlife and the climate is under serious threat from multinational logging giant Resolute. This multi-billion dollar company filed a baseless lawsuit against and Greenpeace – and is personally suing me for millions of dollars – in a desperate attempt to intimidate and silence us.

Because we dared to stand up against reckless logging practices that are destroying some of Canada’s most important ancient forests, Resolute is literally trying to put us out of business.

But we have a plan to fight back. We’re going to take our message straight to Resolute CEO Richard Garneau. Already over 14,000 of us have called on Garneau to drop the ridiculous lawsuit, and we know that he’s heard us, but he still won’t back down. Now it’s time to step up the pressure.

Will you donate $25 now now to help us launch a hard-hitting ad campaign exposing Resolute?

Last summer, we joined forces with 75 organizations and ran a full-page ad calling out Resolute in the New York Times. Now we want to do the same thing in Montreal and Ottawa – right in Garneau’s backyard. Let’s show him that we won’t back down against corporate bullying.

Beyond targeting and Greenpeace, individuals who’ve dedicated their lives to environmental protection are also targeted by this lawsuit. This is frightening – and it goes way too far. With this lawsuit, Resolute is hoping to make the price of working on the Canadian Boreal forest too high. But endangering this forest endangers our climate and our communities, so we aren’t going stop fighting to protect it.

With Trump as president, civil liberties are already under attack. And Trump’s favorite news outlets, like Breitbart and The Daily Caller, are celebrating Resolute’s brazen attack on us because they know how effective we are. Now more than ever, activism is so important to protect.

We can’t let this lawsuit succeed.

Donate now to stand against corporate bullying and send the Resolute CEO a message he can’t ignore.

We’re proud of our work protecting forests and standing up to corporate bullies. Thanks for having our back.

Todd Paglia
Executive Director

P.s. At least there’s one upside – when they come after us and try to end our existence, you know we must be doing something right!

Reblog, Tweet, Tell your Friends, post on your Facebook page – please help and do what you can to let everyone on what is happening here.


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