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Good News for the Vaquita!

Late yesterday, the President of Mexico committed to enforcing a permanent ban on gillnets in the Upper Gulf of California—the single biggest contributing factor to the vaquita’s decline.

The gillnet ban was one of our top campaign asks and thanks to you and 200,000 WWF Activists from around the world, vaquita may now have a fighting chance.

Joining the President of Mexico yesterday and signing on to an agreement to help support emergency measures to conserve the critically endangered vaquita and the Upper Gulf of California ecosystem were the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and the Carlos Slim Foundation.

The agreement is a major step forward in the effort to save the vaquita population from extinction. Thank you for raising your voice.

Now, we must urge the development of a comprehensive vaquita recovery plan, including the following additional measures vital to any effort to save the species:

  • Immediate authorization of the use and promotion of existing alternative fishing gear (not allowed under current law/regulations), while new sustainable fishing techniques are being developed
  • Clearly articulated prohibition on the transport and/or possession of gillnets in and around the Upper Gulf of California
  • Urgent, coordinated efforts by the Mexican, US, and Chinese governments to end the illegal trafficking of totoaba swim bladders that is driving rampant use of gillnets in the Upper Gulf of California

Tweet at President Pena Nieto and help amplify this call.

Thanks in advance for your participation,

Sara Thomas

Sara Thomas
Director, Activism and Outreach
World Wildlife Fund

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