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What is the Business of Climate Change? Vice News

At least they’re not arguing whether or not climate change is actually happening.

John Tierney is a libertarian columnist – here is an article about him on MEDIUM and a brief excerpt from that article.

Tierney does appear to go off the deep end with this bizarre paragraph:

“Even if most climate scientists agree on the anthropogenic causes of global warming, that doesn’t imply that the best way to deal with the problem is through drastic cuts in greenhouse emissions. There are other ways to cope, and there’s no “scientific consensus” on which path looks best.”

I didn’t feel like he was a “brilliant expert” in this field. And in fact Joe Romm had this to say about him:

At Climate Progress, Joe Romm writes, “Tierney is easily the worst science writer at any major media outlet in the country.”

Les Knight is almost made to sound bizarre but there is much merit in what he says. Of course voluntary human extinction has about ZERO chance of being successful.

Kim Knowlton was there from NRDC which is an organization I greatly respect. She didn’t talk much in this setting.

Danielle Baussan, Managing Director of Energy Policy at the Center for American Progress was the winner of the best logic award at this discussion. Loved the bit about air conditioners!

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