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All Scientists Need to Unite and Fight Ignorance on Climate Change NOW!! #Scientists #Resist

The newest interview that Stephen Hawking gave to the BBC is not his first sobering wake up call that must motivate humans to action, to revolution.

The leaders of this revolution must be the scientists of the nation and the world. It is absolutely imperative to the survival of our species as well as the survival of all life on this planet. Given the urgency of the situation how can scientists still not band together to pressure and propel all other institutions to act and to act independently of government agencies? Deniers like to say that scientists are paid via their grants, etc, to give us bullcrap climate science. I say that scientists live in fear of not getting their grants and that’s why they don’t take stronger positions. Shame on them.

Next group leading the charge should be the economists and people who consider themselves “believers” in climate change, those who are powerful enough to drive real change by influencing people who hold power positions. Jeffrey Sachs comes to mind, he cares, but he doesn’t care enough.

The third group that should be driving change are the grassroot radicals… They need to be the warriors! You have to ask yourself, is it worth the risk to doubt what so many scientists are telling us? Is it really practical to ignore what we can see for ourselves or what others are telling us about what is happening to them in their own geographic areas? Flooding is already happening. Drastic temperature changes in ocean are already happening. Crazy, 1000 year storms are already happening with alarming frequency. Plant hardiness zone changes are happening. Maybe it’s time to fight for our planet the way we fight for “democracy”.

Artists also need to speak up with their talents and gifts to bring more awareness to the masses.

We all must start doing our part to drive change and we need to start now! Give up your fear of not having enough money, of not having insurance, of not having all the things the celebrities tout, that commercials push, and that your family and neighbors think is important. What does all that matter if there is no tomorrow for youths, if there is no healthy planet, if there is no environment to support us and all the other life forms we depend upon?

We cannot leave our politicians in charge of our survive because we’ve already had almost 40 years with them doing NOTHING and now time is running out. And let’s be clear, this isn’t all on Trump. Obama didn’t do enough. Bushes didn’t do enough. Clinton didn’t do enough. Reagan started the whole mess by removing the solar panels from the White House. All these “leaders”, in their own ways they all sabotaged our planetary recover with their never ending pursuit of economic growth and development. It’s over now. It’s enough.

And most importantly of all is the timing – we have lingered, ignored, avoided, denied global warming long enough and valuable time that could be spent fixing the problem has been lost. There is not that much time left. Just look here at the Abrupt Climate Change articles that are posted, day after day after day from all sorts of sources to see for yourself that we are running out of time! Time to be sweet, and fuzzy, and positive, is past. Some already believe it is to late but that is no reason to toss in the towel and continue on a self-destructive course because what if it isn’t too late? What if we could make a change? Isn’t it our moral obligation to do so?

If you have anyone younger in your life that you care about – your kids, your grand kids, your nieces and nephews, your grand nieces and nephews, friends with children, grandchildren – if you have loves in your life you owe it to them to do something and start right now. Standing around saying you believe that climate change is one of the worst problems we face and yet living exactly the same way that you have been living is just paying lip service to the pending catastrophe. The planet and everything that lives here is worth more than that.

There has never been a more important reason to change, to fight, to revolt, and to resist. NEVER.

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