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Australian Climate Scientists Revealing Their Fears and Plans For The Future!

From earlier this year.

“What you know and what you can see coming is not good. For people living in Australia it means that alot of people will suffer alot of people will die. The problem is nobody’s death certificate will say that this person died of climate change. They’ll say they died of heat stress or cardiac arrest or they died from a bush fire.”

“Climate scientists are under alot of scrutiny. We’re get ridiculed alot by some people for being alarmist by going too much into detail where in actual fact we’re actually probably reservists and we’re very conservative in our estimates and we make sure we’re so sure of the numbers before we actually get them out there.
I don’t like to scare people but the future is not looking very good.”

Climate scientists are making their own personal plans because they know what is coming.

“I don’t think there will be any safe places. The impacts are going to be BIG. So my approach is to be as mobile, as flexible as possible, to be able to adapt to whatever is going to happen.”

It’s interesting that they use American politicians such as Pruitt, Tillerson, and Lamar Smith instead of Australian politicians. There should be MORE videos like this interviewing MORE scientists in every country.

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