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July 10: Tell the EPA protect communities not polluters – will you testify?

Big corporate polluters want a free pass to waste taxpayers resources by recklessly venting and flaring toxic gas from their operations on public lands. This is a potent and dangerous threat to our health and costs taxpayers but Trump’s EPA is just handing polluters want they want. That’s right: the agency tasked with protecting our environment is actually trying to put a two-year delay on new methane pollution standards that protect our communities from dangerous pollution and climate disruption. The only people benefitting from a freeze on EPA methane standards are corporate polluters and their allies. The head of the EPA is supposed to represent the best interests of the American people – not the worst actors in the oil and gas industry.

This is unacceptable. Tell the EPA that they’re supposed to protect our communities not help the oil and gas industry pollute them. By limiting the leaks associated with venting and flaring from oil and gas operations, we are protecting our kids and families while protecting schools, homes, and communities from unnecessary, toxic and dangerous pollution.Join us on July 10 at the EPA methane hearing in Washington, D.C. to tell the EPA to protect our communities, not polluters. Please ask to testify when you arrive if you would like to speak.

Source: July 10: Tell the EPA protect communities not polluters

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