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DOH!   Greenland ice melt that’s caused by more sunny days is a result of a positive feedback loop.

Since the mid-1990s, the Greenland ice sheet has been losing ice mass at a fast rate, resulting in raising sea levels worldwide. Lately, Greenland’s loss of ice has been the center of […]

Source: Greenland ice melt caused by more sunny days, not catastrophic climate change, scientists discover –

I use to enjoy the Health Ranger’s Natural News until he came out as a climate change denier. Or as Lindsey Curren put it in 2014 – “Mike Adam’s bat-shit crazy screed against climate change.”

So of course when the denial (or downplaying) mainstream news feeds picked the story as to why Greenland is losing its ice mass it went somewhat viral. But if you read the original study published in Science Advances the abstract says this:


The Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) has been losing mass at an accelerating rate since the mid-1990s. This has been due to both increased ice discharge into the ocean and melting at the surface, with the latter being the dominant contribution. This change in state has been attributed to rising temperatures and a decrease in surface albedo. We show, using satellite data and climate model output, that the abrupt reduction in surface mass balance since about 1995 can be attributed largely to a coincident trend of decreasing summer cloud cover enhancing the melt-albedo feedback. Satellite observations show that, from 1995 to 2009, summer cloud cover decreased by 0.9 ± 0.3% per year. Model output indicates that the GrIS summer melt increases by 27 ± 13 gigatons (Gt) per percent reduction in summer cloud cover, principally because of the impact of increased shortwave radiation over the low albedo ablation zone. The observed reduction in cloud cover is strongly correlated with a state shift in the North Atlantic Oscillation promoting anticyclonic conditions in summer and suggests that the enhanced surface mass loss from the GrIS is driven by synoptic-scale changes in Arctic-wide atmospheric circulation.

(Emphasis added)

In the paper it states – “We find that these changes in synoptic-scale circulation patterns and the associated increase in high-pressure frequency over Greenland (13) correlate strongly with changes in summertime cloud cover (R2 = 0.75, P < 0.001; Fig. 4, A and B)." which is exactly the sort of science that Paul Beckwith has been talking about in his climate videos relentlessly!

Even the USA article that is referenced as a source states:

In fact, the research showed that just a 1% reduction in summer cloud cover melts as much ice as the annual domestic water supply of the USA, or 180 million times the weight of a blue whale.

The increased summer sunshine in Greenland is likely due to changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation, a large-scale climate pattern in the atmosphere. As for what’s causing the changes in that pattern, the most likely culprit is decreasing Arctic sea ice cover, which then alters atmospheric circulation patterns.

Again – the stuff Beckwith has been sharing on his YouTube channel persistently.

Net net – like was published in GRIST a long time ago by Nathanael Johnson –
Don’t believe anything you read at Natural News

And Mike and his other writers should be ashamed of themselves for spinning the information to suit their confirmation bias.

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