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NOAA erases ‘human activity’ from news release on soaring greenhouse gases

In a truly shocking news release on its Annual Greenhouse Gas Index, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has erased any reference to “human activity” or fossil fuels. The index monitors the warming influence of greenhouse gases like CO2.

Last year, NOAA’s news release for the index featured the picture of flaring gas from fossil fuel extraction (see top image). The release began by stating, “human activity has increased the direct warming effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere by 50 percent above pre-industrial levels during the past 25 years, according to NOAA’s 10th annual Greenhouse Gas Index.”

This year, the news release begins, “NOAA’s Annual Greenhouse Gas Index, which tracks the warming influence of long-lived greenhouse gases, has increased by 40 percent from 1990 to 2016 — with most of that attributable to rising carbon dioxide levels, according to NOAA climate scientists.”

Source: NOAA erases ‘human activity’ from news release on soaring greenhouse gases

Isn’t it interesting that people voted for Donald Trump because they were full of doubts, suspicions, and were downright distrustful of our federal, state, and local governments? And people wondered why. This is an example of why and it has a new target audience. People who called plausible ideas “conspiracy theories” – like geoengineering or the dangers of GMO foods – couldn’t believe that others would believe in that crap or even believe it was possible. In the case of 9/11 people were called unpatriotic for questioning things which had not be adequately answered. But look carefully – right in front of our eyes they’re changing history and facts. Federal government agencies are making it more and more debatable whether or not AGW is a fact but only for public consumption because in private they’re mitigating those highly likely to happen risks from abrupt climate change. They’re playing political games that are confusing good people who want to be patriotic who want to “believe” in our government as a good organization. “You trust our info, well then, swallow this.. people aren’t included in the ggi” wow.

It is happening right in front of our faces, folks.

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