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Macron’s delusion about bringing Trump back into the Paris climate agreement

French President Emmanuel Macron appears to have bought into the myth that President Donald Trump is a skilled dealmaker — even though Trump’s entire history clearly shows that his talents lie in breaking deals.

The media, which helped create the dealmaker myth, has naturally jumped all over the story that “France’s Macron says his charm offensive may soften Trump’s climate stance,” as the AP and NBC news put it. The UK media went further: “Emmanuel Macron thinks he has convinced Trump to rejoin Paris agreement on climate change.”

I hope Macron isn’t so easily duped. In reality, there is no substance supporting any of these stories. They are all based on Macron’s belief that Trump actually listened to his arguments in favor of the Paris agreement and was persuaded by him — whereas Trump’s entire history, and his public remarks, suggest otherwise.

Source: Macron’s delusion about bringing Trump back into the Paris climate agreement

Photo: President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron in a joint news conference in Paris, July 13. CREDIT: AP/Carolyn Kaster

It’s hard for any sensible person to believe a world leader (not necessary the leader of the free world) would deny the reality of abrupt climate change and not want to be part of the efforts to do something about it (albeit too little too late) so it is easy to see why they’d be suckered in to thinking DT might change his mine. He won’t.

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