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Fossil Fuel Burn: Fossil Fuel Use is Rising Like There is NO Tomorrow – Paul Beckwith

If YOU think that 25+ years of global climate change policy meetings (IPCCs & COPs), & today’s much discussed growth in clean energy & efficiency are reducing global fossil fuel usage & thus greenhouse gas emissions then YOU are sadly mistaken.

No sugar-coating.

The cold hard data, displayed in charts for you & discussed in this video is brutal, but you need to see it for yourself. Fossil fuel growth is backed by enormous government subsidies & the emissions are climbing like there is no tomorrow. No tomorrow, not just for your grandkids but for your kids, and even for YOU.

This is all the validation needed to substantiate continual claims that the people who are the “leaders” in driving environmental protection and climate change reversal are FAILING miserably. Our advocates are not strong enough to fight the system, change the system, or even leave the system themselves. The poster child for this is Al Gore himself – he may have brought awareness but he polarized the subject and does not set a good example for anyone wanting to lower their carbon footprint.

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