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Apple’s greed is killing the planet (and screwing you, too)

A new 43-page report released on Thursday by The Repair Association highlights this issue. Its purpose is to bring attention to the lax environmental standards that give every corporation a shining gold star for achieving the bare minimum—like some level of energy efficiency—while completely disregarding meaningful steps that would make a difference to both your wallet and the environment.

Because, duh, corporations like Apple like money more than anything, no matter how glossy their environmental websites are, and they make a lot more of it when you’re compelled to replace your gadgets every couple of years, or as a member of the iPhone Upgrade Program, literally every 12 months. It may not be surprising, but in an era of “activist” tech corporations, it’s jarring to find the bottom line so nakedly championed at the expense of consumers and the planet they live in.The system is rigged.

This isn’t sexy, but the core issue has to do with environmental standards, which are ratified in committees far from your prying eyes. Advocacy groups and nonprofits have been urging corporations like Apple to adopt policies that would make it easier for people to repair gadgets like the iPhone, but they’re unable to gain traction. That’s because the groups governing these standards are largely controlled by the companies bound to these rules to begin with. In short, the inmates are running the asylum.

Source: Apple’s greed is killing the planet (and screwing you, too)

Fabulous report and about time someone calls out corporations on this topic.

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