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Can Human Beings Survive The Impending Climate Crisis?

All of this begs the question: can we as a species survive this impending catastrophe?In the past, the planet has witnessed five mass extinction events which have effectively wiped the evolutionary slate clean. And, all of them, except for the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, were caused by climate change, the most notorious of which happened 252 million years ago.

Source: Can Human Beings Survive The Impending Climate Crisis? | HuffPost

All of this is underestimated because the events trigger each other. It is going to happen faster than they are saying. It already IS happening faster than they estimate. Effects as described in this article are already happening.

The “American dream” is based more on economics than ethics. Change your life and change the world. Drop out of the rat race and find a sustainable way to live and take your family and friend with you. Because humans are NOT going to survive this and why should we? We are a species out of control.


Our pursuit of the American dream which has propagated around the world and could be called the WW economic dream exceeds the producing capacity of the Earth.


We cannot live in harmony with each other let-alone all the other species of fauna and flora on this beautiful blue dot – why shouldn’t we fizzle out, reset, become extinct?

We cannot see the big picture and how we are part of the web of life and even if we could we wouldn’t realize that we are not the most important part of that web – people think you’re crazy when you say something like that. A real whack job. However, if those types of crazy thinkers were the ones in charge – we probably wouldn’t be in this situation.

And it didn’t really start with the industrial age in England. It started when we decided to enslave each other. It started when we went from hunter / gatherers to food hoarding farmers who determined the class system. Yeah, I know, a real whack job.

But we’re here now and we should all be hoping this is just a virtual reality game, that we’re no where near base reality, that some how in base reality the world is clean, beautiful, and supporting a well balanced ecosystem of animal and plant life. Pure crazy.

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