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USDA Weathering Extreme Measures to Accommodate Trump’s Denial

This sort of self-censorship is no doubt happening across the federal government. While evidence of the administration clamping down on agency speech would be even more damning, the chilling effect demonstrated here is nonetheless highly damaging. If staffers can’t talk honestly with themselves and their constituents, how can we be confident they are properly protecting us?

That said, the change in language is meant not for the public or farmers the USDA is charged with helping, but an audience of one: the Denier in Chief.

Between the rollover to Orwellian doublespeak when it comes to climate change and the installation of Sam Clovis at the top science post, the USDA is giving a whole new meaning to what archaeologists know as “Clovis Culture.”

Source: USDA Weathering Extreme Measures to Accommodate Trump’s Denial

We can do this without the federal government. Remember that. Remember that one of your last freedoms is where and how you spend your hard earned money. With that one simple remaining freedom we can change so much.

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