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Family-friendly bank pays $18,000 for fourth child- Nikkei Asian Review

MAEBASHI, Japan — In a move to help tackle Japan’s declining birthrate and to create a more parent-friendly working environment to retain talent, a regional bank north of Tokyo has expanded support for staff balancing their jobs with raising a family, including a 2 million yen ($18,100) allowance for parents who have a fourth child.

This month, Gunma Bank introduced a “child-rearing support allowance” for employees who have a second or later child. The offer is extended to temporary staff as well as full time employees, provided they have worked at the bank for a year.

An individual who has had a second child immediately receives a lump-sum of 200,000 yen. A third child makes them eligible for a total of 1 million yen paid over five years, while two million yen will be paid over five years to anyone who has a fourth or more.

Source: Family-friendly bank pays $18,000 for fourth child- Nikkei Asian Review

So in a world where humans are already past Earth’s carrying capacity, they are promising people money for making babies.  From cause to incentive – how perfectly capitalistic!

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