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Climate Change Authority in Australia Has No Climate Scientists Left

The Climate Change Authority (CCA) in Australia seems to be on the unlucky side as their final climate scientist has left, leaving no climate scientists at all.

The final climate scientist in the authority, Professor David Karoly, is actually the only scientist who stayed through his term there. He said that he wanted to stay and continue his term instead of retiring since he wanted to provide the best science possible to the Australian Parliament.

“I believe that it is important that the Parliament and the Australian people are provided with the best possible independent science-based advice on Australia’s climate change policy.”

On the other hand, his colleagues and other climate scientists, such as Professor Clive Hamilton and Professor John Quiggin, chose to leave due to the government opting to listen to anti-science advocates instead of the board of scientists that they had appointed.

Professor Quiggin, who left in March 2017, blamed the government for his decision to leave the authority, stating, “The government’s refusal to accept the advice of its own Authority, despite wide support for that advice from business, environmental groups and the community as a whole, reflects the comprehensive failure of its policies on energy and the environment.”

He also adds that, “…the government is beholden to right wing anti-science activists in its own ranks and in the media. Rather than resist these extremists, the Turnbull government has chosen to treat the vital issues of climate change and energy security as an opportunity for political point scoring and culture war rhetoric.”

Source: Climate Change Authority in Australia Has No Climate Scientists Left

… like the USA

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