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Midnight Monday, Monsanto, and Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s (owned by Unilever since 2000) owes a big part of its spectacular financial success to Monsanto.How so?

Ben & Jerry’s could go organic. Instead, the company sources milk and cream from non-organic dairies. In those factory farm dairies, cows (who spend most of their lives confined indoors on concrete), are fed GMO animal feed.

Source: Midnight Monday, Monsanto, and Ben & Jerry’s


I did not know that B&J was owned by Unilever. Damn. That makes me sad and it will no longer be my little guilty treat.

It’s totally unrealistic that we can actually END FACTORY FARMING but maybe with enough donations they can get a commitment for this particular product (B&J) to stop using GMO.

If you really want a reason to stop ice cream think about these dairy cows who not only spend most of their lives confined indoors on concrete but who forced to be continuously be pregnant or lactating. After the birth if it’s a boy – it’s dead – if it’s a girl she has a life like her Mom’s to look forward to. I haven’t seen this for myself but that’s what I’ve read. Leave a comment if you have first hand experience regarding this matter.

Factory farming is cruel, inhumane, and immoral. The fact that there are huge penalties for anyone who takes videos within these plants or who whistleblows is enough to confirm that the owners and operators do not want their methods to be widely known.  Why?  It may turn more people away from consuming meat and dairy which in turn might reduce their quarterly profits which – in our world – is the worst possible thing that could happen.  That’s why they go for the monsanto options in the first place. It saves them some time and money.

Sick, it’s a sick culture we’re propping up.  Sick indeed.

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