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The world’s first biotacide by Fred Bercovitch

Many refer to it as the Sixth Mass Extinction, but it isn’t. It’s different.

We are not simply in the sixth round of a continuing series of events that have devastated life on Earth. We are in the the midst of the first of a new type of event, unlike the earlier mass extinction events. The five mass extinctions were naturally occurring cataclysmic events that completely changed the course of evolution and life on Earth. The current event is a ‘biotacide,’ an unnatural cataclysmic event that is changing the course of life on Earth. We are wiping out various forms of life at an unprecedented rate by willfully destroying landscapes, sending toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, and polluting water sources, not to mention killing and overexploiting wildlife.

This destruction of Earth’s flora and fauna is biotacide — the killing of life. The massive acceleration of the pace of eradication has been called an ‘extinction tsunami’ and a ‘biological annihilation.’

Source: The world’s first biotacide (commentary)

It is interesting how Mongabay is so keen to identify the article as commentary that they put it right in the title – is that their normal style? Nonetheless, glad they posted it. The entire article is worth your time to read. Please check it out.

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