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Climate Change: The Elephant in the Room – A.C. Stark

The elephant in the room is trampling all over us. Yet we’re still living, thinking and talking as though it were not there.

Climate change is so inescapable, so entangled within the definition of our politico-economic system, that to explore it, to educate about it, is to create a wide-spread existential crisis wherein the persistence of the very thing by which millions of us in some way identify and define ourselves – our culture – is perceived as both necessary for very short-term pleasure but morally abominable for the sake of those millions who have, are or will suffer and die as a consequence of it.

Source: Climate Change: The Elephant in the Room ‹ A.C. Stark ‹ Reader —

With each passing storm the elephant grows larger… I almost oppose using the magnificent elephant in this context as it too is a victim but it works. How much larger can it grow? I’m convinced that it could fill the room, compressing every being to the wall and the squished denier would still be singing his song.

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