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Sharing The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See by WonderingMind42 #GlobalClimateDestabilization

Using a Classic Risk Assessment Method to Determine What’s the Right Thing To Do About Climate Change: “The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See” by WonderingMind42

Project Managers, trained Risk Managers, have a whole bag full of tricks to assess risk and plan mitigations. This man brilliantly brings a simple risk assessment method to the masses to a terrifying problem.  This first video of his has been viewed almost 7 million times as of this publishing and is late 2007, more on that at the end….

You don’t have to believe in anthropomorphic global warming and abrupt climate change to see how important it is to mitigate the risk that it might be possible!

He also did a part two:

An important quote from the video:

“The trick is to not look at what individual scientists are saying but instead look at what the professional organizations are saying. The more prestigious they are the more weight you can give their statements because they’ve got huge reputations to uphold and don’t want to ever say something that later makes them look foolish. Probably the two most well respected of these in the world are NAS and AAAS. These are not advocacy groups but both recently issued unprecedented statements calling for big action, now, on global warming. This isn’t a bunch of hippies, these are the nerdiest people on the planet.”

And I’m not so sure the planet will do well on its own unless you like Venus.

He stated, “Global Climate Destabilization is what it should be called” – agreed! And I have created a new category and will use it from now on instead of Abrupt Climate Change when appropriate.

As mentioned earlier, the video is ten years old and WonderingMind42 posted a ten year anniversary video published last month:

Love this guy.

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