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People Manage To Kill Three-Quarters Of Flying Insects In Only 27 Years: Part A – Paul Beckwith

Humans have always excelled at killing things. No species does it better than us. Technological advancement is fastest in development of more sophisticated and powerful weapons to kill off our enemies. Corporate propaganda says that to have higher and higher yields of crops to feed exponential population growth we must develop more powerful pesticides to kill off more and more insects. We’ve succeeded in killing off 76% of flying insects in only 27 years. Oops. We need insects to pollinate our crops so that we can grow food. Doh… Not so smart…

If you haven’t noticed this already you haven’t been paying attention or washing your car. There haven’t been as many bugs on the grill in years! There haven’t been as many fireflies or butterflies. We’ve already noticed the lack of migratory bird which use to fill the skies at this time of year but it’s time to notice the bugs too. The corporations will not stop, it is their job, their legal obligations to keep doing whatever they have to do to achieve profits, so it is up to us to do something. Or we can just sit back and watch our planet, along with our species, die.

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