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Sign up to the Wildlife Selfie Code | World Animal Protection USA

The Amazon rainforest is famous for its diverse wildlife, and the number of tourists who want to take selfies with its fascinating animals is rising fast. Sadly, this has led to the exploitation of sloths, caimans, pink river dolphins, anacondas, and many more animals, who belong in the wild. With their gentle, slow nature, and facial markings that give the impression they’re always smiling, sloths have become one of the main targets for people looking to use them for profit. Many people offering wildlife selfies in the Amazon search treetops for sloths to steal. These typically calm, gentle animals are snatched from their natural habitats, forced to live in noisy, chaotic environments, and repeatedly passed around from tourist to tourist. Don’t be part of this ugly picture. Sign up to our Wildlife Selfie Code below, and commit to cruelty-free selfies.

Source: Sign up to the Wildlife Selfie Code | World Animal Protection USA

Remember the baby dolphin that died just because people wanted to pull it out of the water for a selfie. And the list goes on and on and on. Please just don’t do it.

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