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The New Instagram Feed Spotlighting Mass Extinctions

Everyone knows the Dodo is extinct. But how many of us know that we are currently undergoing a sixth mass extinction event? To raise awareness about this under-reported story, Brit photographer-filmmaker Sean Gallagher founded Everyday Extinction, a specialized Instagram feed on Oct 1.

With his National Geographic credentials, Gallagher, who has been based in Beijing for the past decade or so covering environmental crises through his lens, gathered a pool of a few dozen professional photographers and wildlife scientists as contributors, allowing the feed to be updated at least once or twice a day. By the time of going to press, Everyday Extinction had 69 posts. A quick scan of the offerings shows moving and awe-inspiring shots, including one of a mountain gorilla and his “adopted” human embracing in a sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and an eerie black and white portrait of a bull elephant in Nepalʼs Chitwan National Park, his legs chained cruelly together.

Photo: @PatrickBrownPhoto

If you can take it – for me these things make me desperately sad and angry.

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